Philippine Airlines, the country's flag carrier, links Manila to 26 cities and in 19 countries worldwide. It also provides regular service to and from 43 local destinations. Major international carriers and cruise liners likewise serve Manila.
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Manila's strategic location makes it a vital point on major international routes. There are 28 international airlines presently servicing Manila. Daily flights from United States West Coast and the Midwest are serviced by four airlines. United Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Continental Airlines and Philippine Airlines. Click here for airlines that serve the Philippines and addresses:
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A number of airlines also fly from Europe to Manila such as Air France, Swissair, Lufthansa and from Asia-Pacific, the following airlines service Manila: Korean Air, Cathay Pacific, Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines, etc.

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Visitors must hold a valid passport. Except for the stateless persons and those from countries with which the Philippines has no diplomatic relations, all visitors may enter the country without visas and may stay up to 21 days provided they have tickets for onward journey.

Holders of Hongkong and Taiwan passports must have special permits. Visas may be obtained from Philippine embassies or consular office.


Manila is served by the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), 7 kms. from the city center; and by the Manila Domestic Airport, 1 km. from the NAIA. Cebu is served by the Mactan International Airport (MIA), 45 minutes from the city center. Both international airports have adequate traveler facilities: duty-free shopping centers, souvenir shops, tourist information centers, hotel and travel agency representatives, and car rental services. The NAIA has banks, postal service, a medical clinic, and a baggage deposit area.


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International Flight Entrance
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NAIA Tower
 naiaparkingarea.jpg (21187 bytes)
NAIA Parking Area

NAIA.jpg (44751 bytes)
Ninoy Aquino International Airport

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Domestic Flight Terminal Entrance
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Domestic Terminal Taxiway
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Domestic Departure area

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Domestic Flight Lobby


A certificate of vaccination against yellow fever is required for those coming from infected areas. Children less than one year old are exempted but may be subject to isolation when necessary. Visitors must check with their travel agents before departure as regulations may change without notice.


To facilitate customs examination, visitors are advised to fill in the Baggage and Currency Declaration Form before disembarking. Visitors are allowed to bring in the following articles duty free: reasonable quantity of clothes, jewelry and toiletries, 400 sticks of cigarettes or two tins of tabacco and two bottles of wine or spirits of not more than one liter each.

Visitors carrying more than US$ 3,000 are to declare the amount at the Central Bank of the Philippines counter situated at the custom area. Foreign currency taken out upon departure must not exceed the amount brought in. Departing passengers are not allowed to bring out more than PhP 1,000 in local currency.


The Philippines use the Metric System in most of trade and legal transactions,


Most residents and business centers in the Philippines are using 220 volts a/c. However, a number of major hotels also have 110 volt a/c outlets.


The Philippines is basically light industry and agriculture, the chief products being rice, corn, coconut, pineapple and sugar. It is also rich in copper, cobalt, nickel, silver, iron and gold deposits. A number of food processing, textiles, clothing and home appliance industries are available, with a fast growing aquaculture, microcircuits and furniture sectors.

The significant structural reforms, initiated by the present leadership, which liberalize almost all sectors of the economy, have pushed the Philippines into the mainstream of economic development in the heart of the fastest-growing region in the world. - the Asia-Pacific. Further enhance by its strategic location as a gateway to the most economically dynamic part of the world, the Philippines development pathways for the future are clear...a newly industrializing country (NIC) status by the year 2000.


The Philippines' monetary unit is the peso, divided into 100 centavos. Foreign currency may be exchanged at any hotels, most large department stores, banks and authorized money changing shops accredited by the Central Bank of the Philippines. International credit cards such as Visa, Diners Club, Bank Americard, Master Charge and American Express are accepted in major establishments.


     January 1 New Years Day
     March/April (Movable)(Holy Thursday, Good Friday
                  & Easter
     April 9 Araw ng Kagitingan
     May 1 Labor Day
     June 12 Independence Day from Spain
     July 4  Philippine US Friendship Day- Independence day
                     from USA
     Last Saturday of August National Heroes’ Day
     November 1 All Saints’ Day
     November 30 Andres Bonifacio Day
     December 25 Christmas Day
     December 30 Rizal Day


1. Tourist & Pleasure
2. Business Visa
3. Returning Filipino who are citizen of  Foreign Country
4.  Special Resident Visas 
     Special Investor Resident Visa (SIRV) 
     Special Retiree Resident Visa (SRRV)


1.  First Time Applicants
2.  Renewal of Expired or Expiring Passport
3.  Replacement of Lost Passport


  1. Acknowledgement of affidavits, powers of attorney, deeds, and other legal instruments
  2. Authentication of notarized documents
  3. Authentication of birth, marriage, or death certificates issued in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California, Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington State, and Wyoming
  4. Procedures in applying for an NBI Clearance
  5. Procedures covering the importation of Pets to the Philippines
  6. Importation of Plants/Flowers into the Philippines
  7. Importation of Firearms into the Philippines



   Provincial Tourism Office
   c/o Mr. Edwin Bation
   Capitol Building
   Dipolog City   Tel.: 065 212 2597     Fax:  065 212 3563
   City Tourism Office
   c/o Mr. Danilo Sostinto
   City Hall, Dipolog City    Tel.: 065 212 2485
   Philippine Information Agency
   c/o  Garito Zamora
   Gen. Luna St. Dipolog City      Tel.: 065 212 3277
   Tourism Assistant Counter
   c/o  Ms. Cecile Reluya
   Airport Compound.  Dipolog City
   Tel.: 212 4878       212  3209

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