‘Camping’ a Source of pleasure


Why people go camping these days and what’s so extraordinary with camping anyway? These are some of the questions we usually ask when we hear the word “camping”. In my case, I finally found the best answer after I joined with some of Dipolog City’s adventurous campers and experience for myself the pleasure of being in another milieu with just a back pack full of can goods and stuffs for camping.

I finally found the best answer after I joined with some of Dipolog City’s adventurous campers

Many campers, including myself, have seen things in a very different perspective after a marvelous camping experience and I can never forget how wonderful the campsite set up took shape while smelling the fresh air of the cool evening in the barrio is a refreshing change from all the tedious confines of the city.

Campers that I happened to converse with during the whole course of the adventurous activity said that they like the thought of going outdoors because it is the moment wherein they can escape, get away and relax a little from the hustle and bustle of their ordinary lives in the city.

Campers like these people enjoy the outdoors because it is the moment wherein they can escape from their ordinary lives in the city.

However, different people from different walks of life have their respective reasons why they happen to go and camp out into the wilderness. Some may consider it as a modern way of life’s recreation, enjoyment or simply a diversion.

Some consider camping as a modern way of enjoyment or simply a worthy diversion.

Employees from both the government and private institutions share the same idea as they revealed to me that their out here to escape from the city’s traffic problems, cellular phones, computers and the never ending paper works in the office.

They also believe that this will cause them to be more productive at work because they will each come to know their strengths and weaknesses while spending time and contemplate in the wilderness. Experts say that the outdoor sport is a way of renewing the soul and recharging the whole being of a person.

What a site it was setting up the campsite.

Surviving in the wild is difficult especially without matches.

At the campsite there is less noise and you will have more time of quiet reflection in a very different environment, to some it might mean that you will be closer to the Lord in serenity with nature.

In a teenagers point of view, camping is the best experience ever! They truly enjoy outdoor recreation to quench their raging hormones. They are also very interested to meet their fellow campers and converse with them and find out why they’re all out there gathered together.

Experienced adventure campers like Basil here suggests that keeping a clean campsite is a necessity and should leave the campground the way they found them.

Groups of people also organize their own different kind of camping affairs like for example a camping experience for your very own family. Camping trips can provide the opportunity to focus on family issues and it is a great way to have fun plus it can give you the opportunity to learn some of the most important survival skills that should be learned, especially to your children. 

For policemen that I happened to converse with regarding camping, they really are eager to have camping trips and have fun together with their families and fellow law enforcers but unfortunately, they do not have much time in this kind of activity. They admitted that they sometimes conduct camping trips but only during trainings related to their profession and not merely for leisure or vacation.

Camping is a great opportunity to be one with nature.

Playing a little reggae music suddenly changed the campsite’s atmosphere and they felt like Bob Marley.

Experienced adventure campers suggest that keeping a clean campsite is a must for all where one should leave the campground the way they found them. Definitely camping is the supreme experience to all nature lovers out there who wish to listen to the brilliant sound of the night and be awakened by the cool breeze of the morning freshness with the beautiful songs of birds in the trees.

Nature lovers appreciate camping because they learn more about natural world by experiencing it. But to enjoy nature in its full capacity also means to be responsible with it. We are always reminded of the most basic rule in camping: “LEAVE NO TRACE BEHIND”.

Although the campfire is not that big, we still enjoyed the evening with the wonderful stories and surprises that our camp masters prepared for us.

Really, it is strengthening, it is pacifying and restores the body, soul and spirit. We suggest that you try now and experience for yourself. Plan a camping trip and get to the outdoors and you will personally know it’s an experience worth having.