Katkat 1st station

KATKAT Sakripisyo sa LINABO 2005
By: Liermie Camahalan Eguia

Not the usual Friday morning it is of March 25, 2005. People from all walks of life set forth all the things they need for the Katkat Sakripisyo (Climb of Sacrifice) 2005 at the 3,003 steps of Linabo Peak at Barangay Dicayas of the City of Dipolog as one way of showing their penitence for the Lenten season.

On our way down, we caught up with Ms. Avodah Aying, Mutya sa Dipolog 2000 1st Runner-up, at the 6th Station.

As early as 4:00 in the morning, people start to depart from their homes with eagerness in their hearts, ignoring the coldness of dawn. Some went with their motorcycles and four-wheeled vehicles while others, patiently walked from their houses up to the foot of the mountain-regardless of the distance. Families, crowd of people from different associations, peer groups and other adventurous individuals stayed at the peak of the mountain the night before the said event, bringing along their tents, food and guitar to enjoy their stay.

Even in the most difficult of situation especially with this much people all around, the City Ordinance 123 is still being strictly implemented.

At about 7:30 a.m., a group of young actors, the “LINDILAS” Actors Guild from Lugdungan (neighboring barangay of Dicayas) performed a simple reenactment of what Jesus Christ experienced, from the Garden of Gethsemane on his way to Calvary. They also performed the whole re-enactment all the way up to the 14th station.

Each of us has different ways to worship and do an act of sacrifice in order to cleanse ourselves spiritually. Some people recite a simple prayer or a novena in every station of the Way of the Cross, while others courageously whipped their bare back with a rod while praying.


As we all know, Judas is one of Christ’s apostles who betrayed Him in exchange for a pouch of gold coins and gave Jesus a treacherous kiss before He was arrested.

Gary Sarita (in white cap), a City Tourism Staff, called our attention and posed in front of the camera.

People who were there, very, very drunk and almost lost their mindset because of too much liquor were Judas’ descendants-putting pleasures along with sacrifice. There was a man at that time, who was drunk, he lost his balance and stumble to the rocky plane for he was not able to follow the right direction. Definitely the path to God’s kingdom is so narrow, too difficult to follow especially for the intoxicated. Hopefully we could be able to refrain this scenario in next years Katkat Sakripisyo sa Linabo comes 2006. 


Small time business such as selling of coconut juice, sliced mango with soy sauce, sliced guava with vinegar, popcorn, boiled eggs, varieties of fruits, mineral water, tempura and souvenir items were scattered within the vicinity. The Dipolognons are truly very resourceful.

During his administration as Vice Mayor of the city of Dipolog, Hon. Edelburgo ‘Bebs’ Cheng also strongly supported the Linabo project and here he is still on his feet and shows everyone that he still supports it, win or lose.
A high school classmate of mine, Gandy de Guzman stretches his leg. Photo shows Gandy pointing at his sister while taking a breather at the 10th station.
Jhapet Fernandez, a writer for the Mindanao Star just couldn’t help but smile even in his most tiring state.
On our way to the peak of Linabo, we caught a photo of Ms. Jivem Rose Lim (in maroon-colored pants), our Miss Daily Dipolognon Internet & Mutya sa Dipolog 2004 1st Runner-up, holding on in the steep elevation.
Liermie Eguia, Miss Dapitan 2003, lights up a candle at the 4th Station of the Cross.
Scenes from the re-enactment of what Jesus Christ experienced, from the Garden of Gethsemane on his way to Calvary, which was performed by the “LINDILAS” Actors Guild from Brgy. Lugdungan.
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