The  City  of  DIPOLOG  is  governed  by  a  Mayor,  a Vice-Mayor  and a   ten-member   City   Council   or  Sangguniang Panlungsod.  They are all  elected at large to serve three-year  terms,   in   accordance  with  the provisions of the City Charter.  

Districts are subdivided into Barangays, each governed by a   Captain elected  to  a  five-year  term  through barangay-level elections. The City of Dipolog is  comprised  of  21  barangays:  Four  are  urban being  located in the city proper,  twelve  are interiors, and  five are coastal  barangays.

Municipal services are  delegated  to City Departments  which are headed  by  professionally  qualified  and experienced personnel appointed by the  Mayor  in  his capacity as chief executive.



Dipolog City Hall Annex

Dipolog City Council Office Building

Ms. Jocelyn T. MACUTE

Sangguniang Panglunsod Secretary