We all carry a particular fondness of Dipolog City and its people.

The Orchids City of Zamboanga del Norte nurtured our firsts. It is the place where we fulfilled our innocence, our sense of wonder. The witness of our pains, aches and struggles. Also where we learned to cope with the pains that marked every step towards maturity and growth.

Our hometown is the memory-keeper of our dreams, aspirations and visions.

A visit to the place once more and understanding further the Dipolognons by meeting them face-to-face is SELF-DISCCOVERY in itself. A journey towards the genesis of our being, our existence. It is a journey that we should always must take – a visit to DIPOLOG CITY – is a journey to ourselves inwardly to what we were then and what we could have been in the future.

Dipolog_Poblacion_Map.jpg (257580 bytes)

City of Dipolog Poblacion Map

For strangers and foreigners, a visit to Dipolog City, the exploration of the city and its abundance of breathtaking natural resources is akin to a paradise could be.  If you saw the smiles and mingle with the Dipolognons one is not simply in socialization with his fellow beings but a soul-enhancing experience to another beautiful creation of our Almighty God.

Dipolog City is situated in the Philippines, considered a very special place.  The island nation is recognized one of world’s top 20 mega diversity countries and depository of exotic plants and flora, variety of  animals, and other natural and man-made surprises and wonders found nowhere else.

You live only once. Don’t deprive yourself.

Come and explore the mystical Orchids City and experience paradise on earth.

Come and explore – Dipolog City and discover yourself . Click here Dipolog Tourism Article by Miss Tomong.

Sicayab Cliff

Japanese Memorial Park.

Located at Barangay  Dicayas this  memorial stands  where  Filipino   and  Japanese soldiers died during  the second world war. The memorial was donated by the Japanese people.  A  5 minutes drive from the poblacion.

Barangay Central Punta Corro day and night

Carabao rice is more fun than a roller coaster

Planting rice is never fun in Barangay Punta

Barangay Minaog's Miss Universe Park

This park was name after the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant of 1996 was held partly in  both Cities of Dipolog and Dapitan


Galas Dark Gray Beach (Manganese)

A public beach that  stretches for  8  kilometers.  Only  5  kilometers  from downtown Dipolog, its gray sand beach is a favorite  place for  swimming and family picnic. 

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