riving in the Philippines is just driving in the  United  States.  Drivers are  on   the Left hand side. All the road signs are in English just like in the U.S.   Distances markers are   in kilometers   and are posted every kilometer.  Gas are sold in liters. If you follow the U.S.  driving rules and regulations you'll be okay.

Long Distant Busses
Or Jeepney

On the  first  120 days upon  arrival to the country, a non Philippine resident may operate  a  vehicle  using  a valid unexpired  license issued by the any  state  of    the  U.S.A.  or  any   foreign  country  who  reciprocate  the  same requirements  as in  The  Philippines.   If  you  stay  longer   (more  than 120 days)  then you will be required to obtain a Philippine Drivers License.  You can go to any local Land Transportation Commission  office (LTC) to get  a license. The applicant must be a   least 16 years  old.  International  Drivers License is also acceptable



There are no taxis in the City. To go  around the poblacion (short distances 1 to 20 kilometer) you will have  to  call  a  motorcab.   (A  motor  cycle  with  sidecab good for 2 people) The fare is fixed  if  you only  move  around  the poblacion area (downtown) but if you go out of the downtown area then you have to haggle with  the driver  for  the  exact  fare.  No  tip  necessary   but welcome. You can also  hire a Jeepney  (local made vehicle  for urban and suburban transportation) instead of a motorcab.

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For long distance  there  are  several  scheduled  public  transportation that goes from one city to another (Transportation company are listed  below)

The  province  have  cars,  jeep  (local made),   jeepney  or  jitney  and  air conditioned van for rent or hire. You can  either  drive  yourself  or  request for  a driver.

Philippine Jeepney

A new Integrated Bus and Jeepney Terminal is under construction to  serve the City of Dipolog.



RBS Vehicles For Rent
                        Php 2,500.00 / 10 hours
                        12 14 Passenger Vans
                        Excluding fuel and provided with professional driver

                  4 WD
                        Pick-up = Php 3,000.00
                        Jeep       = Php 2,500.00
                        Excluding fuel and with driver (optional)

                  Air-conditioned Coasters

                    Soon to offer by the end of this year:      Package Tours for Tourists around the Province of Zamboanga del Norte including the two cities of Dipolog and Dapitan. Project coordinated with Dakak Park and Beach Resort and the Dipolog City Tourism Office.

             * Vans and Air-conditioned Coasters with uniformed, professional and highly trained drivers.

Contact Person / Address:   Mr.  Raymund B. Saguin


SAGA Complex
Sta. Isabel, Dipolog City
Philippines 7100

  Tel-    (065) 212 2671;  (065) 212 2334; 
Tel/Fax (065)212 6555  ; 09193013

Super Tours  Vans
                        Php 1,800.00 / 24 hours (conditional)
                        12 14 Passenger Vans
                        Excluding fuel and provided with professional driver

                        * Package Tours offers around Zamboanga del Norte and Zamboanga del Sur

Contact Person / Address:     Juanito Jaugin or Person in-charge

Super Tours
Minaog, Dipolog City
Philippines 7100
c/o Joloya Pension House            (065) 212 7409


City of Dipolog Integrated Bus and Jeepney Terminal
Another one is under construction


Origin Destination Booking office
Lilian Express/Mary May  Herrera St
   Dipolog City
 Ozamis, Cagayan de
   Oro, Iligan, Liloy, Ipil,
   Labason, Zamboanga 
 Herrera St
    Dipolog City


Super Five Bus to Cagayan de Oro

 Super Five Transit  Rizal St.
   Dipolog City
 Davao, Cagayan de 
    Oro, Ozamis, Iligan
 Rizal Ave.
  Dipolog Term.
 SuperStar Express  Estaka
    Dipolog City
  Dipolog- Dapitan
  Dipolog Term.
 Jimboy Express  Estaka
    Dipolog City
   Dipolog Term.

Land Transportation

Number of Motor Vehicle and Origin-Destination Data

The National Highway connects Dipolog to Ozamiz and  from there to Iligan, Cagayan de Oro, Butuan, Surigao and to Davao, General Santos, Cotabato and Bukidnon. Another highway runs south to Ipil and from there to Pagadian and/or Zamboanga. Another new eastern route runs via Josefina, Molave, then to Pagadian that could save 2 to 3 hours of travel time to Pagadian.

North bound passengers to Oroquieta and Ozamiz then to Iligan and Cagayan de Oro Cities are serviced by Lillian Express and Super 5 Express with 25 trips daily to Ozamiz City and 10 trips to Iligannd Cagayan de Oro Cities. Other trips proceed to Pagadian City.

South bound passengers to Katipunan, Roxas up to Manukan are serviced by jeepney, mini-buses, and buses of Lillian Express and Mary May Express that passes these municipalities in going to Je Dalman, Sindangan, Liloy, Labason, Gutalax and Siocon, Ipil and to Zamboanga City.

For Dipolog-Dapitan route, commuters are sere by Superstar Express, Chan Transit and several jeepneys.

For the poblacion and various barangays of the city, easy-ride and motor cabs serve as the principal mode of tnsportation. Because of mix vehicular traffic and lack of parking areas and bus terminals, problem of congestion usually occurs particurly along major roads and during peak hours.

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