By Kyle Emil


As an individual who gets tired of everyday life in a busy city, Dipolog City is the best alternative to secure a sanctuary and retire comfortably.   One should be prepared to spend at least six weeks in temporary housing while they undergo the search for the right price.  Particularly if a family awaits their shipment of goods from the country you have come from. The port of Pulauan, Dapitan City is not over-crowded, dock space is available, and there are not slow and frustrating bureaucratic procedure and restricted hours of operation.


Dapitan Palauan wharf / port

People in their everyday scenario
When you arrive in Dipolog City, do be dressed as for a HOT summer day!

Dipolog banking district, General Luna Street
. Banking facilities are available in Downtown area.

If you are to stay at a hotel or a pension house, look for it’s representative. If you must use a motor cab or a van be sure to jot down the name of the cab company and its license painted on the side. And do indeed remember that the fare is in PESOS, not dollar!


Upscale Mibang Hotel

West End Pension House

Dipolog’s different hotels and pension house


The documents you should not fail to bring is a copy of the birth certificate for every member of the family; baptismal records; marriage certificate; divorce decree(s); school transcripts and/ or report cards; medical records and X-rays; electrocardiograms; driver’s license; inventory of household items if applicable; pet documents and several passport-size photograph for each family member. When living in the Philippines you will, or may, need all such documents.

And for those who may plan to pay the City in a short, limited time it is recommended you register self and family at the Consular Office at Metro Manila upon arriving of your country’s Embassy if you plan to stay more than two weeks. This is not a requirement but it is an effective means of locating individuals in times of emergency. It also facilitates the issuance of a new passport if yours is lost or stolen. You may call your Consulate for its requirements.

As a visitor or transient and even a foreigner who will decide to reside permanently in the wonderful Orchids City.  Make sure that you remember these few things in establishing rapport and relationship with the Filipinos, in this case the Dipolognons.

-         Do allow a Filipino/Dipolognon a way out of a situation so he can “save face” embarrassment will result in “hiya” - loss of face.

-         Don’t employ the word ‘stupid’, especially to a villager.

-         Don’t correct an employee in public;

-         When food is served, taste a little even if you don’t like it. Leave some food on the plate to show you’ve already had enough.

-         Have extra food on hand for unexpected guests as invited guests may bring companions!

-         Try to understand ”Filipino time” as there is no social sanction for lateness. “Bahala Na” means, “what will be, will be”.

-         Great old folks present, as respect for age is very important.

-         Don’t open a gift in public without receiving permission from the giver.

-         Give food as a gift to the sick; do not give flowers!

-         Befriend children – an easy way of reaching their parents.

-         Do not be annoyed when people stare at you; you are interesting to them.

-         If you desire to be quiet, go to a silent area as with company suggests your dislikeness for something or to someone.

-         Do remember to bring gifts or “pasalubong” for your employees when returning home from a trip.

There are three alternatives for temporary housing: “leave” homes, two-three star hotels and pension houses,

“Leave “ homes are private homes sublet by their occupants for a month or two while they are on home leave. Locating a “leave” home is strictly by word-of –mouth, and is usually difficult.

There are number of pension house, inn or a hotel, whose accommodation and services are best reflection of the hospitality of a Filipino.  There are several of these establishments located near where a family intends to live, work, or attend school, proves most convenient.

They provide an alternative from the atmosphere of our real home.  Not only are they less expensive, most having the following conveniences: furnished room with television and kitchen utensils, refrigerator, stove, air-conditioner, and telephone. Almost all have swimming pools, and several have washers and dryers for guests who prefer to do their own laundry. Many have coffee shops on the premises, as well.

As for rents and facilities vary greatly, as do the apartment sizes. It is important to ascertain whether services and facilities are included in the rent or whether they are an extra charge.

Your stay in the Philippines is one of the most memorable experiences you will have in your life.  In your lifetime, be sure you can visit the Philippines its natural beauty exceeds the undesirables.  

In addition, if you want to stay for the rest of your life, you are most welcome!