Rent-a-car in Dipolog

Nowadays, everybody is looking forward to travel in ways out of the ordinary routines and experience the most extraordinary adventures. Some escape from the variety of tangles in life like pressures from work and they prefer to relax and unwind and grab a grip of the warmth of the people and the gift of nature which they can discover in the “Orchid City” – Dipolog City, now universally acclaimed as the “Gateway to Western Mindanao”.

Dipolog, being the one of the major tourist destinations in the country is also the “City of Bottled Sardines of the Philippines,” which is being sojourned by people from all walks of life through ‘Lakbay Aral’ engagements and other educational tours that the city offers.

Sonoma Trans Industries Incorporated Rent-A-Car Services in Sta. Isabel, Dipolog City have about 15 cars for rent that includes Pick up trucks, Nissan Terrano, Ford Rangers, Toyota Hilux and even a few luxurious cars.

Their transactions are made possible and easy with the assistance from several transport companies operating and doing good business in the metro.

Aside from the passenger buses like Rural Transit, Super 5 Tours, vans and other sort of transport accommodating commuters going in and out Dipolog, there are also companies offering “Rent-A-Car” services to the traveling kind like businessmen who, most of all, wants a fair deal out of their well earned money.

One of this, is the famous and formerly known as RBS rent-a-car, which now called Sonoma Trans Industries Incorporated (STI) Rent-A-Car owned by Raymund Bueno Saguin. The STI Rent-A-Car offers a very enjoyable and comfortable service and put forward affordable rates to their clients and prioritizes safety and privacy on board their vehicles.

Car rental services in Dipolog offers pleasure and comfort and charges to as low as P400 ($7.00) to their clients that prioritize safety and privacy on board their chartered vehicles.

Marlon Patangan of Sonoma Trans Incorporated stated that they have four-wheel vehicles for rent that suits any kind of transactions and social calls. They have about 15 cars for rent which include Pick up cars , Nissan Terrano, Ford Rangers and even luxurious cars.

They base their rates on the distance or the destination of the renters and charge custom rates for rentals within Dipolog City only. Travelers who wish to go to Dakak Park and Beach Resort in Dapitan City can avail of their P800 ($15.00) rate with free fuel charge. For renters going to Pulawan Wharf in Dapitan, they only charge P500 ($10.00) and for Dipolog City Airport, they collect a minimum of P400 ($7.00).

They have different rates and policies with regards to destinations outside Dipolog. Car rentals within the province of Zamboanga del Norte such as Dipolog City, Dapitan City, Polanco and Katipunan towns rate only at P1,800 ($35.00) per day which they consider to have an equivalent of 10 hours with a ‘full fuel tank return’ policy.

Car rentals within the province of Zamboanga del Norte such as Dipolog City, Dapitan City, Polanco and Katipunan towns also comes with free drivers and the entire package only cost at P1,800 ($35.00) per day.

The same rule apply with rentals within Zamboanga del Norte, Zamboanga del Sur and Misamis Occidental with rates up to P2,500 per day ($45.00) and rentals for Zamboanga City, Cagayan de Oro City Davao and Iligan City rate as much as P3,500 ($65.00) per day.

Sonoma Trans Industries Incorporated Rent-A-Car only charges a P150 per hour for the excess time allotment entered by their customers. 

Expenses along the way will be shouldered by renters such as driver’s meal and accommodation for trips staying overnight as well as the Barge fee when traveling on board barge ships.

For more inquiries with regards with Sonoma Trans Industries Incorporated (STI) Rent-A-Car Services, interested parties may contact them through their telephone numbers (065) 212 2671, (065) 212 5878; fax at (065) 212 6555; email: or visit their office at SAGA Complex, Sta. Isabel, Dipolog City.

The Toyota Hilux, Nissan Pathfinder and Ford Ranger at Sonoma Rent-A-Car Services.

Sonoma management is inviting travelers and tourist to do business with them and enjoy their services as they feature brand new and air-conditioned vehicles with surround stereo and guaranteed reliable and honest drivers that will safely take them in the most relaxed mood to their desired destinations.

For now, Dipolog City has been the favorite tourist spot for weary travelers such as the ordinary Filipino tourist and other foreigners nationals who have the luxury to enjoy the wonderful scenery and panoramic views of the city.

Dipolognons welcomes everybody with open arms to their most peaceful, very clean and bountiful Dipolog City.