ABC’s Mardi Gras ’05 perks up
the City of Dipolog
By: Liermie Eguia

Mardi Gras is the French term meaning Fat Tuesday. It is celebrated mostly in dominantly Catholic nations on the Tuesday before the lent begins or the Tuesday before ash Wednesday. It is to be fat by lots of foods and merry making before the fasting starts. Such event was first celebrated in Europe, it was brought to the different parts of the globe because of the wide spread of Catholicism.

The usual peaceful City of Dipolog, one Sunday afternoon, on the 6th of February 2005, were suddenly surprised and awaken by the proud and lively strumming of drums and by the gleeful street dancers of AB College as they begin the Mardi Gras ’05, the highlight of the113th birth anniversary of its founder. People of all walks of life came out of their houses to witness and enjoy the joyous parade.

The Mardi Gras is held every year in the said College. This year, unique festivals of Mindanao were interpreted by the different departments with their different concepts, boisterous dancing steps and colorful props. 

With almost a month of preparations and hectic rehearsals, the eight out of eleven departments of AB College, tightly and eagerly hold their drumsticks and props, dancers gleefully and confidently executed their dance steps at the College Green to be judged in order to know the cream of the crop.

This year’s Mardi Gras includes the Anihan Festival (High School); Banigan and Kawayan Festival (School of Information and Communication Technology); Bangus Festival (Criminology); Dalit Festival (Commerce); Tinagba Festival (Education); Talakudong Festival (Vocational and Technical Institute); Saint Isidore Festival (Nursing); and Manuluan Festival (Engineering).

The Education department grabbed the champion slot and brought home P15,000.00 in cash, while the High School department got the second place and received P10,000.00, followed by the Criminology department with P7,000.00. The rest of the performers received P3,000.00 as their consolation prize. The Commerce department got the fourth place, after two years of being a Mardi Gras champion, placed fifth is the Engineering department, followed by the Nursing department, then the S.I.C.T and V.T.I.

Best in Street Dancing was awarded to the High School department, with a cash prize worth P3,000.00.

A representative from the High School department receives the award for winning the Best in Street Dancing category.

The 8th place went to the VTI department (Talakudong Festival).

7th place was awarded to the School of Information and Communication Technology (Banigan & Kawayan Festival).

6th place fell over to the School of Nursing (Saint Isidore Festival).

5th prize went to the School of Engineering (Manuluan Festival).

After being champions for the past 2 consecutive years, the School of Commerce and Accountancy (Dalit Festival) only achieved the 4th place spot.

The group that surprised everyone and perhaps was worthy of the reward is the School of Criminology, who took home the 3rd place award and cash prize worth P7,000.

Winning the 2nd prize spot is the High School department and receives the P10,000 cash prize.

The first prize winners receives the envelope containing the cash prize worth P15,000 from Mr. Sancho Amatong, President of Andres Bonifacio College.
Students from the Education Department jumps with joy and delight as they were called Champions of this years Mardi Gras 2005!

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